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We are brothers and 4th generation outdoorsmen from Central Pennsylvania.

In 2022, my brother and I founded Blend My Own Products LLC.  Last year, we introduced our first product to the outdoor industry. Scent Blender is a new system that gives hunters the ability to blend and spray cover scents and attractants using the plant materials and food sources found at your hunting location. We had a wonderful first season with Scent Blender and are excited to bring this natural concept to the fishing community with the introduction of Scent Blender Chum Bucket.

The Scent Blender Chum Bucket system allows fisherman to quickly create and apply their own fishing scents utilizing ingredients of their choice.  

Both of our tools do a great job connecting your knowledge of the environment and allowing you to harness the power of natural elements to increase your chances in a harvest.  

We are excited to share Scent Blender Chum Bucket with outdoor enthusiasts everywhere.